The Morgan Roadster

New 2019 Morgan Roadster

The Morgan V6 Roadster is the most powerful of all the cars in the Classic Range. When powered by the available 3.7 litre Ford engine, the Roadster is exhilarating to drive and represents the qualities of a pure Morgan sports car.

The overall weight of only 950kg for this aluminium car spells a power to weight ratio of around 300bhp per tonne. Power delivery is transmitted to the road through a limited slip differential with cone drive for good traction off the line.The 6 cylinder engine and 6 speed manual transmission creates an engaging driving experience whilst an abundance of torque means the Roadster is well suited for long tours. The cockpit offers the perfect driver’s environment whilst utilising our core materials of natural leather and ash wood. The Plus 4 and Roadster models are available as component cars (minus engine and transmission.)

BASE PRICE: $79,995