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2015 Cross Country +8+ Morgan Tour

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This story is a simple one. ” Boy buys car of his dreams. Boy waits 4 years for the car to be restored, engine modified,  finished, and gets discouraged by the many delays….. Then boy flies to SF to pick car up and drive it home…….. “. Actually it is not so simple, and the experience promises to be a special one for me, our family and those who take time to peruse this blog. So ….. enjoy ! And BTW, the trip south from SF to LA is actually Day Three……..

Review by Morgan racer John H. Sheally II
Seldom does a sports car come along that is both a comfortable road machine and a race car in one package but five such species have been produced by Isis Imports in San Francisco, California. Until you have driven one you won't experience excellence in spirited motoring the likes of this on this planet in any street vehicle short of a megabuck super car. Bill Fink, (the legendary owner of Isis Imports) and his associate Keith Baldwin, (formerly a member of the Morgan Motor Company race crew and the older brother of Mark Baldwin, head of the MMC Service Department) are the men behind this phenomena. With it, they have shown clearly that the potential of the traditional Morgan two seater is still far from fully exploited or enjoyed...