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A look back at the last 5 decades as our Morgan dealership celebrates our 50th anniversary...

Due to the unfortunate atrocities now being linked (unfairly!) to the name Isis, we are slowly changing our business name to Morgan Cars USA. We regret the loss of our long held business name (48 years!) however have suffered from the negative name ties.

Named for the river on which Bill rowed while at Oxford, Isis Imports is the longest standing Morgan dealership in the United States. Bill Fink began bringing Morgans to the USA from the UK while still a student at Oxford University. After making a few bucks profit he began to pursue his love for the Morgan car in earnest. Eventually, when he discovered  a way to enable Morgans to be imported to the USA (considered an impossible task at this time) by converting them to run on propane, he became the sole USA Morgan dealer - his contract consisted of a handshake with Peter Morgan. He enjoyed great satisfaction providing customers nationwide with their hand built Morgans, and the wait list for a build slot was worth the wait for the true Morgan devotees. Eventually another dealership was added on the East Coast, and despite their closing after a long run, in the mid 2000s seven new dealers were appointed in the States. Today the USA boasts several Morgan dealerships. All of this is possible because of the efforts of Bill Fink. 


Select an article to read from the menu below. These articles are reprinted from various publications worldwide. Several feature articles have been published, acknowledging Bill Fink's efforts to keep Morgan cars in the USA. Most comprehensive books about Morgan history include references to his dedication to the American Morgan owner. There are too many publications to list here, however we have included a small sample here.


For more on our history explained by Bill Fink himself during various interviews,  go to Video Page

The Morgan Is Back! 
By Charles Fox, Car & Driver 1977

The story of how Isis Imports came to be. A must read!


The Morgan Master

Importer Bill Fink's driving passion for British classic fuels car business - by Maitland Zane, San Francisco Chronicle

Propane Turbo +8
In depth look into Bill Fink's special brand of Morgan ingenuity.
Road & Track 1980
Made in the USA 
By Lorne Goldman

A brief history of Isis Imports early years.

Vroom! Bump! Whiz! The Rare Style Of the Morgan 
By Joseph Dalton, The Washington Post

Bill Fink and Keith Baldwin created a monster with their Corvette conversions. Nicknames for these Morgans include "MonsterMog," "Mogvette" and also the "Plus 8 Plus"

First  Corvette Morgan Review published in Road & Track Magazine by Dennis Simanaitis
Article about Isis Imports' Corvette LS7 conversion published in Road & Track Magazine by Dennis Simanaitis
Howard Walker's review of Bill's LS2 powered Morgan Plus 8 from Autocar Magazine
MOG Magazine 's Dealer of the Month profile of Isis Imports Ltd.